Who is Bambi La Fleur?

In the tradition of Hollywood's Golden Age, Bambi La Fleur combines talent, charisma, and voluptuous beauty to bring classic American glamour back into fashion.

Bambi has established herself as a successful singer/entertainer in Miami Beach where she fronts the lounge act Bambi and the Boys. The band servers up a delightful mix of original material and obscure covers, both old and new. Bambi co-wrote many of the songs on the band's new CD "I'll Be Famous When I'm Gone" and is now working on material for their second release. Many of the songs are inspired by Bambi's persona, with titles such as "I Left My Curling Iron On," and It's Gotta be Big".

The band has been featured on several television and radio stations throughout America and Europe, and has played a variety of venues - from local comedy clubs to the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The band has a wide range of fans, from young to old, gay to straight.



Bambi Fun Facts

full name: Bambi LaFleur
instrument: vocals
date of birth: ?
height: ??
weight: ???
bust: 36DDD
sexual preference: rich, old men
pets: Bubbles the poodle
hobbies: ceramics, macrame, spelling
favorite dish: Tator Tots
bad habits: bites nails, heroin
favorite charity: CFPP (cosmetics for poor people)
favorite band: Bambi and the Boys

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